Rain Water & Septic Tanks

Rainwater & Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Installation

Need a Septic tank system installed in the Mount Gambier region?

The team at Ballintyne Plumbing and gas have you covered. With our licensed Heavy vehicle operators, we can pick up and deliver the septic tank to your property with ease. We have the appropriate excavation machinery along with skilled operators that allow the team to efficiently install your septic tank system.

Soakage Trenches

Soakage trenches which are also known as infiltration trenches are a part of the installation of Septic tanks and can also be a solution for storm water management. These are an underground, shallow, gravel filled trench with a horizontal perforated pipe that runs along the gravel to the length of the trench. The Ballintyne Plumbing & Gas team have the expertise and experience in planning and executing a soakage trench solution, making sure that the trench meets all requirements. Soakage trenches may not be suitable for all properties one of our qualified plumbers can assess and advise you on your best option.

Rainwater Tank Installation

Looking at securing extra water for your home and at no extra cost, look no further than installing a rainwater tank system it is an efficient and effortless way to reduce your costs. BPG’S expert team can help find you the right solution for your home, we can do the entire system including pipework, base preparation, water pump and storm water system.

  • The Water pump installation is a key component to your rainwater set up, this provides the correct pressure to your home. A power outlet will be required to supply electricity to the pump.
  • Our skilled tradesman can also prepare the concrete base/pad for the rainwater tank to be installed upon.


Our team of qualified plumbing professionals uphold the industry standards by completing certified installations and plumbing connections competently. We always leave the work site in the same if not better condition than we found it. From septic tanks to rainwater tanks, we have the expertise to assist in all planning, preparation, installation, and connection of systems.