Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting Services in Mount Gambier

Ballintyne Plumbing and Gas is one of the main gas specialists in the lower Southeast & Limestone Coast region.

With over 30 years of experience our team specialise in gas servicing, maintenance, installations, and infrastructure. What our team can do for you includes gas leak detection, LPG to Natural Gas conversions, mains extension, appliance repairs & Certificate of compliances.

We at Ballintyne Plumbing and Gas are a professional, dependable, and skilled team who take pride in their work. You will be sure to find the property the way you left it.

Gas Leaks in Residential and Commercial Properties

The BPG team are equipped with all the necessary equipment to locate your gas leak no matter how small. We want to make sure you and your family are safe as Gas can be a serious risk to our health including your pets, these may be physical effects and in some cases it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.
A small Gas leak may not present a smell or any physical symptoms so it is important to take note of other signs, you may notice the following:

  • Strong Sulphur or rotten egg odour
  • Dead patches in lawn or garden beds
  • Hissing or whistling sound near gas line or appliance
  • Damaged gas pipes
  • High gas bill

Gas Heater

A faulty or unsafe gas heater is one of the main culprits for starting household fires and can also spread dangerous and harmful fumes like carbon monoxide through your property.

Our licensed gas fitters can complete a full service of your gas heater and make sure it is all operating safely and efficiently, making it ready for the winter months.

The team are experts on gas heater installations including wood fire, flued heaters, un-flued heaters, space heaters and portable gas heaters.

Gas Ducted Heating

Installing a new ducted gas heating system in your home this year could be a great idea, these systems are extremely efficient, cost effective and healthy options for heating your home this winter. Not to mention the huge rebates that are available from the Australian gas networks when you make the switch to natural gas heating.

A gas ducted heating system works by circulating the heated air around your home via a series of ducts situated throughout the house making sure all rooms can be heated. Ballintyne Plumbing & Gas have the right skills and expertise to plan, install and connect your new ducted heating system. 
Our professionals can conduct the necessary repairs and annual services on your existing unit.

Gas Appliance Installation

Our fully qualified gas fitters can install any new gas appliance into your property including connection to gas supply, if required our team can install a new gas outlet for your appliance. The team will demonstrate how to effectively use appliance and will provide a Certificate of compliance for installation.

Gas appliances may include but not limited to gas stove, gas cooktop, gas oven, Gas hot water service and Gas Heater.

Gas Services and Repair

Services include:

  • Extensions of gas mains
  • Certificate of compliances
  • Gas pressure test
  • Converting LPG to Natural gas (or opposite)
  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Gas Space Heater
  • Gas Appliance servicing
  • Gas Appliance repairs
  • LPG service, install repair, conversion
  • Gas emergency